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We are still working on BESIII Physics Book, please contact Haibo Li [ ] , if you want to join any part of the following list.   

The cover of physics book

Part One: The BESIII experiment and its physics

Chapter 1. Physics goal of BESIII
Chapter 2. The BESIII detector
Chapter 3. Offline software
Chapter 4. Analysis tools
  1. Kinematic Fitting and Vertex Fitting
  2. Particle Identification
  3. Luminosity Measurement at BESIII
  4. Dalitz-plot Analysis
  5. Monte Carlo Generators
  6. Partial Wave Analysis

Part Two: Hadron production

Chapter 5. Physics Processes
Chapter 6. Hadron production and fragmentation
Chapter 7. R value
Chapter 8. QCD studies at sqrt(s) = 2-5 GeV
Chapter 9. Production cross section of DD*bar and DsDs*bar
Chapter 10. Measurements of parameters of Charmonium resonance

Part Three: Light hadron physics

Chapter 11. Hadron spectroscopy: status and prediction
Chapter 12. Meson spectrum
Chapter 13. Baryon spectrum
Chapter 14. Glueball searches
Chapter 15. Hybrid, Multi-Quark and Molecule candidate searches
Chapter 16. Two-photon physics
Chapter 17. Physics of soft pions at BESIII

Part Four: Charmonium Physics

Chapter 18. Charmonium transition
Chapter 19. Leptonic decays
Chapter 20. Radiative decays
Chapter 21. Hadronic decays
1. rho-pi puzzle
2. Psi(3770) non-Ddbar decays
3. Baryonic decays
4. Other topics
Chapter 22. Rare and forbidden charmonium decays
Chapter 23. Charmonium spectroscopy close to open charm threshold
Chapter 24. Exotic decays of Psi(4030), Psi(4160) and Psi(4415)

Part Five: Charm Physics

Chapter 25. D Tag Reconstruction Efficiencies and Rates
Chapter 26. Leptonic, semileptonic D(Ds) decays and CKM matrix
Chapter 27. Hadronic D(Ds) decays
Chapter 28. Charm baryon production and decays
Chapter 29. D0D0bar mixing and CP violation
Chapter 30. CP and T Violation
Chapter 31. Rare and forbidden charm decays

Part Six: Tau Physics

Chapter 32. Tau mass near threshold
Chapter 33. Hadronic tau decays
Chapter 34. Leptonic and semileptonic tau decays
Chapter 35. Search for CP violation in tau decays

Part Serevn: Comparison with other facilities and future prospects

Chapter 36. Tau-Charm physics at B factories
Chapter 37. Opportunities of Tau-Charm physics at Super-B factories
Chapter 38. Do we need a super-charm factories

Appendix A:Statistic in HEP data Analysis

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