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Useful documentations
    Related link on Charm meson
  • From Haibo Li: Charm Physics with BESIII at BEPCII ;
  • From S.Bianco and F. Fabbri and I. Bigi: A Cicerone for the Physics of Charm ;
  • From G. Burdman and I. Shipsey :D-Dbar mixing and Rare Charm Decays .
  •     Exotic decay of heavy mesons
  • From J.L. Rosner :Exotic states of Mater in heavy meson decays .
  •     D. M. Kaplan's idea on an Asymmetruc e+e- collider for Charm:
  • An Asymmetruc e+e- collider at psi(3770)
  •     A summary from R.L. Jaffe on Exotica.
        Related Link on PWA
  • Partial wave analysis in K matrix formalism. S.U. Chung et al.: Annalen Phys.4:404-430,1995 ;
  • Bingsong Zou's idea on N* baryon production at BES :Covariant L-S Scheme for the effective N*NM couplings .
  •     Related link on Dalitz Analysis
  • Bill's note on : Isoscalar Vector Meson Decay to Three Pions and J/psi->3pions ;
  • Bill's note :J/psi->KKpi.
  • Focus:Evidence for new interference phenomena in the decay D+ ---> K- pi+ mu+ nu.: Annalen Phys.4:404-430,1995 ;
  • LASS:A study of K- pi+ scattering in the reaction K- P ---> K- pi+ n at 11-GEV/c. ( LASS ) : Nucl.Phys.B296:493,1988(thesis).
  • E791:Dalitz plot analysis of the decay D+ $\to$ K- pi+ pi+ and study of the K pi scalar amplitudes, Phys.Rev.Lett.89:121801,2002.
  • Theory papers:
        Final state interactions in hadronic D decays,hep-ph/0411105 ;
        Troubles With Nonleptonic Charm Decays,Phys.Rev.Lett.44:710-712,1980.

  • More Related Links:
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  • The RooFit packages for Data Modeling
  • PAW  and  Hbook Reference Manual
  • CERNLIB Latest version
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  • xKalman Home Page  and  Reconstruction in Athena
  • CVS Manual

  • Other experiments :
  • CLEO-c
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