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[Meeting and Stages for BESIII Physics Book]

First Stage: Now - 28 February 2006
Theoretical review part will be finished, this includes the extensive review and intensive discussions of important physics topics.
Second Stage: The end of 2006
The Framework of analysis tools will be ready, the documentations will be finished, and put into Physics Books. Most of the full Monte Carlo (MC) simulations will be ready, the MC results should go into the book.
The Third Stage: The end of April 2007
Finally, we hope the book will be done with efforts from both theorists and experimentalists. Before the BESIII turning on, the book can be published.
During those periods, we are going to organize a tau-Charm workshop June 2006 in China. Phone conferences may be also possible if some intensive discussions are needed. Thanks!


The First workshop on BESIII Physics Book

  1. Minutes of the first workshop by Hai-Bo Li

The Second workshop on BESIII physics Book

  1. Agenda of the second workshop

The 3rd workshop on BESIII Physics Book

  1. Special invited talks:
  2. Minutes of 3rd workshop by Yi-Fang Wang
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