Joint workshop on charm, QCD and tau physics
Jan. 13-15, 2004 in Beijing, China

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Agenda / Slides

Tuesday Jan 13 BESIII/CLEO-c Workshop IHEP Beijing

8:30 The BESIII and CLEO-c Projects and Charm -- Chair Prof. Minghan Ye
8:30 Opening Remarks Hesheng Chen
8:40 CLEO-c Program Overview (pdf version) Ian Shipsey
9:10 CLEO-c Detector (pdf version) Steve Gray
9:40 CESR-c Experience (pdf version) D.Rubin
10:10 Break
10:30 The BESIII/BEPCII Project Weiguo Li
11:00 The BESIII Detector Yifang Wang
11:30 Theoretical Challenges in Charm Physics (pdf version) Ikaros Bigi
12:00 Lunch

1:30 Charm Physics -- Chair Prof. Miland Purohit
1:30 Hadronic D Decays Jim Alexander
1:55 Precision Charm Experiments and Precision LQCD Shoji Hashimoto
2:25 Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays Jim Wiss
3:00 Break
3:20 Charm Physics Potential at BESIII Kanglin He
3:50 Charm Physics at BELLE Pavel Pakhlov
4:20 Charm Effects in phi_3 Measurements (pdf version) Alex Bondar
4:50 Adjourn

Wednesday Jan 14 BESIII/CLEO-c Workshop IHEP Beijing

8:30 ccbar Spectroscopy -- Chair Prof. Zhipeng Zheng
8:30 ccbar Spectroscopy Theory Ted Barnes
9:00 Challenges and Opportunities for Charmonium Physics at CLEO-c
Kam Seth
9:30 ccbar Spectroscopy Below the DDbar Threshold Roberto Mussa
10:00 Break
10:20 Some issues in charmonium physics Kuang-Ta Chao
10:50 Charmonium Physics at BESIII Changzheng Yuan
11:20 Open and Hidden Charm Spectroscopy at PANDA Klaus Peters
11:50 Lunch

1:30 Light Hadron Spectroscopy -- Chair Prof. Jim Alexander
1:30 Glueballs Hybrids and Other Gluonic Excitations Colin Morningstar
2:00 Glueball Searches Experiment Jim Napolitano
2:30 Light Hadron Spectroscopy with J/psi at BESIII Xiaoyan Shen
3:00 Break
3:20 Discussion
4:50 Adjourn

Thursday Jan 15 BESIII/CLEO-c Workshop IHEP Beijing

8:30 R; tau; and Baryons -- Chair Prof. Kuang-Ta Chao
8:30 Low Energy R Measurements with ISR Dong Su
9:00 CLEO Experience with R Measurements Steve Dytman
9:30 R Scans and QCD Studies at BESIII Haiming Hu
10:00 Break
10:20 Tau Physics Theory Antonio Pich
10:50 Tau Physics Opportunities Near Threshold Jean DuBoscq
11:20 Charm Baryons John Yelton
11:50 Lunch

1:30 Rare D Decays and Workshop Summary -- Chair Prof. Fred Harris
1:30 DDbar Mixing CPV and Rare D Decays Theory (pdf version) Ikaros Bigi
2:00 DDbar Mixing CPV and Rare D Decays Experiment David Asner
2:30 CP Tests in tau and charm Decay Jianping Ma
2:50 Rare tau Decaays from Extra Dimension Models Wefu Chang
3:10 Probing New Physics in tau/mu Flavor Violation Tao Han
3:30 Break
3:50 Workshop Summary David Cassel
4:30 Closing Remarks Fred Harris
4:35 Adjourn