Joint workshop on charm, QCD and tau physics
Jan. 13-15, 2004 in Beijing, China

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Report of the 2004 BESIII and CLEO_c Workshop(2005.12.1)



CLEO-c/CESR-c has been in operating at tau-charm energy region since 2003, and plan to take data samples of 3 fb^-1 at the psi(3770) (~6 million tagged D decays), 3 fb^-1 above the D_s pair threshold (0.3 million tagged D_s decays), and over 1 billion J/psi's in a total of three years' running time.

BESIII/BEPCII is the upgraded version of the existing BESII/BEPC. It was approved by the Chinese government in earlier 2003, with the designed luminosity of 10^33 cm^-2 s^-1 at the psi(3770) energy. The data taking is planned for 2007, just following the CLEO-c program. The experiment will accumulate unprecedented data samples of DD-bar, D_s D_S-bar, psi(2S) as well as J/psi. These will allow the direct determination of charm decay constants and the CKM matrix elements V_cd and V_cs to a precision of a few percent and enable searches for glueballs and hybrids with greatly improved sensitivity. Searches for D0-D0bar mixing, rare D decays, rare charmonia decays and CP violation in the charm sector will also be performed.

Goals of the workshop

The workshop is supposed to give an opportunity to focus on and understand how to achieve high precisions in charm physics as well as QCD with huge data samples at CLEO-c and BESIII, and the potential BESIII physics program following CLEO-c.

A report is desired which detailing the scientific case for the BESIII program and clarifying the extent to which the capabilities of the proposed BESIII detector and BEPCII collider are adequate to accomplish these goals. This document could be useful for the future planning, for attracting new collaborators, as a useful handbook for the physicists working on this field.

Topics for discussion

1. charm physics --- physics with D and D_s data samples
2. light hadron spectroscopy
3. charmonium physics
4. high precision R measurement and QCD study
5. tau physics
6. ISR and two-photon processes
7. Rare decays and new physics


There will be talks summarize the current experimental status and prospects for the future, together with theoretical talks giving guidelines for the development of the field. All the talks will be planery with plenty time for discussion. Special discussions on important physics topics will be organized.


The workshop will be held at IHEP, Beijing. If you need visa or want to know any other related information, please see Practicle Information or contact:

Contact Information:

Mr. DENG TieJun , Seminar Secretary
Institute of High Energy Physics
P.O. Box 918
Beijing 100039

Phone: +86-10-8823 5014
Fax: +86-10-8823 3374

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