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The "International Workshop on e+e- collisions from phi to psi" (PHIPSI09), will be held at Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, from Tuesday, October 13 to Friday, October 16 2009.

The goal of the Workshop is to discuss in detail the state of the art of various problems in hadronic physics at e+e- colliders from low to high energy and the potential of existing and future facilities.

A satellite meeting on radiative corrections and luminosity measurements will follow the workshop on Oct. 17, 2009. No registration fee is needed, all the participants of the PHIPSI09 are kindly invited to join.
"International Workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi"
Institue of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China

13 - 16 October 2009



The proceedings will be published by Science Press as one supplementary issue of the Chinese Physics C.

All the contributions presented in the PhiPsi09 workshop will be included in the proceedings.

Page limit (A4, two-column, CPC style):
6 pages for 20 and 25 minuts talk,
7 pages for 30 minutes talk.

The deadline for submission: December 31, 2009.

We do not wait for manuscripts arrived significantly later than the deadline: the proceedings could be published without such contributions!

Instructions can be found in the .rar or .tar.gz file. The template for producing manuscript can also be found in the .rar or .tar.gz file(tex, style file, example figures).

The proceedings could be sent to phipsi09@ihep.ac.cn  via an email with subject "proceedings by XXX",  where XXX is your name. Please include all the files in your email as attachments.

If you submit it to preprint archive, please indicate "Proceedings of the PhiPsi09, Oct. 13-16, 2009, Beijing, China". Please send a mail to phipsi09@ihep.ac.cn to inform us the arXiv preprint number of your proceedings.

Any other questions please contact phipsi09@ihep.ac.cn



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