Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics 2005: Heavy Flavor Physics

Xi-Yu-Yuan Conference Holiday Centre, Beijing, China

August 13- 17, 2005



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The Summer Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics  2005:   Heavy  Flavor Physics will be held in Xi-Yu-Yuan Conference Holiday Centre  in  the  suburb of  Beijing,  from August 13th (Saturday) to August 17th (Wednesday), 2005.

The number of participants is limited to 100. The deadline of registration is July 1st, 2005. 

The Topical Seminar consists of two parts:

  • A number of lectures given by internationally distinguished physicists to cover the fundamentals and the current status of heavy flavor physics.
  • Some short presentations on the related topics from young researchers. It is designed to encourage much discussion and cross-fertilization of physics ideas between the lecturers and the audience.


Organizing Committee:

  • Yu-Qi Chen  (ITP)
  • Yuan-Ning Gao (Tsinghua Uni.)
  • Shan Jin  (IHEP)
  • Cai-Dian Lu  (IHEP, Co-Chair)
  • Jian-Ping Ma  (ITP)
  • Ya-Jun Mao  (Peking Uni.)
  • Xiao-Yan Shen  (IHEP)
  • Yi-Fang Wang  (IHEP, Chair)
  • Yue-Liang Wu  (ITP)
  • Ming-Han Ye  (CCAST)
  • Chang-Zheng Yuan  (IHEP)
  • Bing-Song Zou  (IHEP)

Contact Information:

Mr. Tie-jun Deng
Institute of High Energy Physics
P.O. Box 918
Beijing 100049

Phone: +86-10-8823 5014
Fax: +86-10-8823 3374

This activity is sponsored by the following institutes: 

Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)
China Center for Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST)
Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)
Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP)

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