International Workshop on Tau-Charm Physics

June 05-07, 2006, Beijing, China

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                        Workshop Goal                                                     
Hadron spectroscopy and Charm physics are becoming more exciting, this revival interesting has been driven by experimental reports of the narrow DsJ states, X(3872), X(3940), Y(3940) and the newest unexpected Y(4260) from B factories and other related experiments, the proton-antiproton threshold enhancement and X(1835) observed at BESII also attracted people's attention. In the meanwhile, MIMD Lattice Calculation (MILC) and High Precision QCD (HPQCD) collaborations predicted fD+=201317MeV, CLEO-c collaboration also reported the result fD+= 223168 MeV. The two results agree well within the errors of about 8% for each. It will challenge the theoretical prediction and provide important tests of the predictive powers of lattice QCD.

BESIII at BEPCII under construction in Beijing can accumulate 10109 J/, 3109(2S) , 30 million DD or 2 million Ds+Ds-pairs per running year, respectively, when it is turned to run at resonances in 2007. Coupled with what is available at CLEO-c, BESIII will make it possible for the first time to study in detail the light hadron spectroscopy in the decays of charmonium states and the charmed mesons. In addition, about 90 DD million pairs will be collected at BESIII in three years at (3770) peak.Many high precision measurements,including CKM matrix elements related to Charm weak decays,decay

constants fD+ (fDs), Dalitz decays of D meson and absolute decay branching fraction and so on, will be achieved.

BESIII analyses are likely to be essential in deciding if some intriguing signals in particular in D decays are actually due to New Physics or not. With modern techniques and unprecedented high statistical data sample, Searching for rare D, Charmonium and tau decays will be possible, such as lepton number and flavor violated decays, invisible decays. The study of tau- Charm physics could reveal or indicate the possible presence of New Physics in the low energy region.

The workshop will give detail discussions on tau-Charm physics in the next few years, both theoretical and experimental studies will be covered. Extensive review of the more recent theoretical developments and experimental techniques will be presented. Some intense discussions on the following physics topics will be especially addressed: possible innovation on Partial Wave Analysis (PWA), theoretical and experimental techniques on Dalitz plot analysis in D decays, analysis tools to extract the absolute branching fraction, decay constants, form factors, CP parameters and parameters in D0-D0 Oscillations. The motivation of tau lepton physics near the threshold will be also studied so that a plan can be made at BESIII.

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