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Beijing Spectrometer (BES) is a general-purpose detector located in the interaction region at the BEPC storage ring, where the electron and positron beams collide.
The BES Collaboration consists of approximately 200 physicists and engineers from 27 institutions in 4 countries. This website is hosted at Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing.

20-Mar-2004 Major Upgrade of BEPC Carried Out in An All Round Way
10-Oct-2003 A New Particle Discovered At BES/BEPC
16th IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference 2009
(May 10-15,2009)
Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Generators for Low Energy Hadronic Cross Section and Luminosity (Oct.9-11,2008)
Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics 2008: Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics(September 17-21, 2008)
BESIII Seminar on Physics Analysis
(June 23-July 4,2008)
BES-Belle-CLEO-Babar 2007 Joint Workshop on Charm Physics
(Nov 26-27,2007)
Workshop on Partial Wave Analysis and Dalitz Plot Analysis
(Jan.25-26, 2007)
Workshop on PRC-US Cooperation in High Energy Physics
(June 11-18, 2006)
Charm 2006: International Workshop on Tau-Charm Physics
(June 05-07, 2006)
Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics 2006: Beyond the Standard Model
(August 7-12, 2006)
17th Workshop on BESIII Electronics/Trigger/DAQ
(April 25-27, 2006)
Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics 2005: Heavy Flavor Physics
(August 13-17, 2005)
Topical Seminar on Frontier of Particle Physics 2004: QCD and Light Hadrons
(September 26-30, 2004)
Workshop on the feasibility study of the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment
(Jan. 17-18, 2004 in IHEP, Beijing)
CLEO-c and BESIII Joint workshop on charm, QCD and tau physics
(Jan. 13-15, 2004 in IHEP, Beijing)