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BES Conference Talks
29-Mar-2004 XXXIXth Rencontres de Moriond: QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions,
Thuile(Val d'Aosta), Italy. March 28- April 4, 2004
Speaker: P.Wang, C.Z.Yuan
21-Mar-2004 XXXIXth Rencontres de Moriond: EW Interactions and Unified Theories.
La Thuile(Val d'Aosta), Italy , March 21-28,2004
Speaker: R.Gang
29-Feb-2004 Les Rencontres de Physique de La Vallee d'Aoste. La Thuile(Aosta),
Italy, Feb.29-March 6, 2004
Speaker: Y.S. Zhu
16-Feb-2004 APPI 2004. Iwate,Japan, Feb.16-20,2004
Speaker: S.S.Fang, H.X.Yang, Z.A.Liu
Upcoming Conferences/Workshops
7-Jun-2004 DAFNE 2004 : Physics at Meson Factories.
Frascati Italy, June 7-11, 2004
Speaker: G.F.Xu, X.H.Mo
27-Jun-2004 8th International Workshop on Meson Production,Properties and interaction.
Cracow,Poland,4-8 June,2004
Speaker: C.Z.Yuan
27-Jun-2004 6th International Conference on Hyperons,Charm and Beauty Hadrons.
Chicago,USA, June 27- July 3, 2004
Speaker: G.L.Tong, D.N.Mai